I love good design and typography weather is for print or digital communication. I have exceptional conceptual, graphic and web design and layout skills and a good understanding of the latest trends. I create exciting materials and design solutions with a high visual impact. In order to communicate my clients’ ideas to the public, I use the following software:



InDesign is my favourite app. I ‘ve spend a tremendous amount of hours working on projects varying from simple ones, like a flyer design all the way to more complicated such as entire magazines and newspapers. A passionate reader myself, I use inDesign to create or convert my text files in .mobi an .epub books.

Check out the ‘catalogues’ and “mags” sections of my portfolio for more!

  • Skill level


Where there is raster graphics, there is photoshop. Quite simply this is the application that introduced me to anything creative that can be done with a computer.

Check out the ‘social’, “posters” and “catalogues” sections, although a little bit of photoshop is everywhere!

  • Skill level


The first app that I open on my computer, independently of the project that I work on! Illustrator is awesome for whatever I have to do, from logo design to a brochure to UI elements.

Check out ‘branding’ and “posters” to see samples of my work!

  • Skill level
Web design


When the death of flash was announced (from that famous post from Apple) I was filled with terror since all my animation projects where designed with it. In search of alternatives I found hype and I changed effortlessly my works from .swf to html5. Today is my favorite app for web animations and designing UI/UX projects.

  • Skill level


Used for static html simple websites all the way to newsletters. It replaced Dreamweaver for all my basic needs.

  • Skill level


Animate is the new Flash (literally). It’s the newest addition in my collection of apps for web-based animation, the one that I am currently learning.

  • Skill level


I first designed a Joomla website sometime at 2008 for a personal blog. I soon changed all my workflow and I transformed my html websites to this CMS that soon became my favorite platform.

Today I have more than 8 years of experience, having designed over 50 websites in Joomla, covering every need asked by ny clients.


It was difficult at first to admit that WordPress sometimes had more potential than my favourite platform but the truth is that plugins such as Visual Composer or Divi allow me to do everything. Although I choose the platform based on the specific needs of the project, ultimately I use WordPress more often.

Video and 3D

Basic Functions

Simple cinematics


Basic Functions

Simple cinematics


Basic Functions

Template editing

Simple modelling

Advanced rendering + lightning

Basic animations

Social Media

I have designed entire campaigns for social media and sometimes I even filled the shoes of the copy writer.

I am Google Certified.

I am certified in Google Web Designer, AdWords Display, AdWords Search and AdWords Basics.