More than a symbol and a font.

A logo is a shortcut, a simple way for someone to connect various information about the type of business, the quality of work etc. I see the logo design process as the key element in designing a brand; thus I deliver unique solutions, technically perfect, modern and elegant, designed to stand the test of time.

After all, good design does not become dated!



They all talk about…¬†

…everything! And they talk all the time! They share, like, check in, comment and even shop from social media.

I design much more than posts and covers; I design a strategy of visual communication by creating a style to fit your brand’s specific needs with certain goals in mind.¬†Designing for social media is not that different than designing a logo after all!


How to tell a story

A catalogue, no matter if it is a menu for a restaurant or a catalogue of your products, is an excellent opportunity to tell a story, to convert¬†a simple task (a dull price listing) in a¬†pleasant experience. That’s my philosophy and I achieve my goal by applying themes and adding¬†quotes. Take a look at some examples of my work in the right!